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We were right. Government was wrong.

March 31, 2009

FAILOCALYPSE. I think that phrase perfectly describes what’s happening here.

GM’s new Obama-approved CEO is talking bankruptcy. This is AFTER they were bailed out to the sum of $14 billion. Lot of good that bailout did. Everyone I talked to before the bailout said GM should just enter bankruptcy. It’s just common sense. But no, government knew better. Common sense couldn’t solve the problem. They’re too big to fail. Well they did fail, and government forced us taxpayers to spend $14 billion to watch it happen.


Another fool thinks it’s funny to disparage the military

March 31, 2009

I emailed HBO about it. Hopefully they hear from many of us.

If only…

March 14, 2009

we had someone in charge who knew something about the economy.


Democrats uneasy about Obama’s performance so far

March 11, 2009

It’s about time someone besides conservatives realized that the first 50 days of this man’s presidency has been spectacularly less than adequate. During the campaign, his lack of experience and accomplishments were alarming. Now we’re seeing what an empty suit looks like as President. It’s bad; and some Democrats are finally calling it.

Warren Buffet: some say he’s the smartest investor in the world. He’s a big Obama supporter and he has some things to say.

I think–I think a lot of things should be–job one is to win the war, job–the economic war, job two is to win the economic war, and job three. And you can’t expect people to unite behind you if you’re trying to jam a whole bunch of things down their throat. So I would–I would absolutely say for the–for the interim, till we get this one solved, I would not be pushing a lot of things that are–you know are contentious, and I also–I also would do no finger-pointing whatsoever. I would–you know, I would not say, you know, `George’–`the previous administration got us into this.’ Forget it.

On the economy:

It’s fallen off a cliff, and not only has the economy slowed down a lot, people have really changed their behavior like nothing I’ve ever seen.

He also doesn’t agree with Obama on EFCA or the criticism of executives that use corporate jets.

This Obama supporter, Camille Paglia, can’t believe Obama and his staff personally attacked Rush Limbaugh.

Case in point: The orchestrated attack on radio host Rush Limbaugh, which has made the White House look like an oafish bunch of drunken frat boys. I returned from carnival in Brazil (more on that shortly) to find the Limbaugh affair in full flower. Has the administration gone mad? This entire fracas was set off by the president himself, who lowered his office by targeting a private citizen by name. Limbaugh had every right to counterattack, which he did with gusto. Why have so many Democrats abandoned the hallowed principle of free speech? Limbaugh, like our own liberal culture hero Lenny Bruce, is a professional commentator who can be as rude and crude as he wants.

There are plenty reasons to be upset with this administration. As Ed @ Hot Air puts it:

People find him [Obama] lacking because he keeps failing on tasks large and small.  Three Cabinet appointments have gone under in less than two months, as have other senior staff assignments.  He promised an economic plan from Tim Geithner during his first press conference, only to have Geithner appear the next day and say that the dog ate his homework.  The administration has still failed to roll out the details of TARP II, the auto bailouts, and the full plans for the mortgage relief plan, despite multiple promises to deliver them.  His failure to understand protocol during Gordon Brown’s visit embarrassed the US and the Washington establishment, which knew full well how insultingly Obama treated the British Prime Minister.

American Thinker says this is just the folly of voting for an untested, unaccomplished, inexperienced non-leader “coming home to roost.”

Some links

March 10, 2009

A good summary of the current situation with the Coleman/Franken recount @ Power Line.

From Instapundit, new nanotechnology to deliver gene therapy directly to cancer cells.

Originally linked on IMAO, The Periodic Table of Awesoments. It’s a good start but clearly more research is needed into the awesoments. A Cheetah, but no Tiger or even Lion? Fastest land animal sure, but not the killing machines that the laters are.

Also from IMAO, a visual aid of what $1 trillion actually looks like.

Doug Ross: A quick and easy recap of the cause and effects of the financial meltdown. With pictures!

Cap and trade will raise prices for Americans

March 9, 2009

Obama’s cap and trade program will impose an estimated $65 billion tax on businesses per year. Now the cost of that tax will be shifted to consumers in the form of higher prices. Obama knows this as he is on record admitting it but apparently raising prices during this recession/depression is of no concern for him.

Wall Street Journal

Once the government creates a scarce new commodity — in this case the right to emit carbon — and then mandates that businesses buy it, the costs would inevitably be passed on to all consumers in the form of higher prices. Stating the obvious, Peter Orszag — now Mr. Obama’s budget director — told Congress last year that “Those price increases are essential to the success of a cap-and-trade program.”

Here’s a Fox News report.

Because government control of yet another foundational industry and the revenue streams from taxing carbon credits are part of Obama’s Marxist agenda, the impact on the American people’s lives is unimportant. The make-believe threat of global warming is such an ideal vehicle for him to impose his agenda. Marxists never really care about the people. It’s all about control; as long as they have it, they don’t care how their policies affect people’s lives.

Minnesota Somalis and radicalization

March 9, 2009

There have been a number of alarming reports about radicalism within the Somali community in Minnesota.

A Somali American citizen returns to Somalia and splodes himself, killing 29. The FBI says he was radicalized right here in the USA. Via Hot Air.

The F.B.I. director, Robert S. Mueller III, said Monday that a Somali-American man who was one of several suicide bombers in a terrorist attack last October in Somalia had apparently been indoctrinated into his extremist beliefs while living in the United States.

Somali families have reported 20 young men missing, fearing that they have returned to Somalia to fight jihad. Via Jihad Watch.

Then, last week, five families went to the FBI, worries their kids were part of some jihad in Somalia. For their part, the FBI would not confirm or deny whether they have an ongoing investigation….

Some of The Missing are believed to be former gang members, escaping the street violence that’s claimed the life of seven young Somali men this year. Others are in college, and some were said to be deeply religious.

All 20 attended the same mosque in Minneapolis. CBS News has a video report on it.

As an aside, the state of Minnesota now has a program to offer shari’a compliant, interest-free mortgages to Muslims. Apparently, private lenders already offer these loans but the state feels it needs to intervene. Didn’t we learn from the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac housing market disaster that government intervention into the market to offer loans to special groups of people is a bad thing?

Obama’s foreign policy newbie mistakes

March 9, 2009

Here is the much heralded Great Messiah of Awesomeness’ foreign policy so far:

1. Offers to give up missle defense in exchange for Russia’s help on Iran. Russia says, uh no, but we like that part about scrapping missle defense. What a newb. Now we have no leverage. Via Ace of Spades.


The Russians have dismissed it. We end up being humiliated. We look weak in front of the Iranians, and we have left the Poles and Czechs out to dry in return for nothing.

Video of John Bolton on Hannity’s show giving a strong critique.

2. Completely blunders the traditional gift to the Prime Minister of the UK, our strongest ally. What did he get him? A 25 DVD set of America’s greatest films. Wow, DVDs. Thanks. Via Hot Air.

The White House says it was due to being overwhelmed with the amount of work. Seems that being President requires more than voting “present.” Who knew?

3. Hillary trys to get cute by presenting the Russian Foreign Minister with a red button with the Russian word for “reset” printed on it. Problem is, the word printed on it actually means “overload.” Fail.

4. Obama gives $900 million to the Hamas terrorists in Gaza to “rebuild.” Yeah, rewarding terrorists for being terrorists. That is some smart diplomacy.

5. And now it’s been reported he’s open to recognizing the Taliban in Afghanistan. When he was talking tough about Afghanistan during the campaign, this must be what he meant; appeasement.