Obama’s foreign policy newbie mistakes

Here is the much heralded Great Messiah of Awesomeness’ foreign policy so far:

1. Offers to give up missle defense in exchange for Russia’s help on Iran. Russia says, uh no, but we like that part about scrapping missle defense. What a newb. Now we have no leverage. Via Ace of Spades.


The Russians have dismissed it. We end up being humiliated. We look weak in front of the Iranians, and we have left the Poles and Czechs out to dry in return for nothing.

Video of John Bolton on Hannity’s show giving a strong critique.

2. Completely blunders the traditional gift to the Prime Minister of the UK, our strongest ally. What did he get him? A 25 DVD set of America’s greatest films. Wow, DVDs. Thanks. Via Hot Air.

The White House says it was due to being overwhelmed with the amount of work. Seems that being President requires more than voting “present.” Who knew?

3. Hillary trys to get cute by presenting the Russian Foreign Minister with a red button with the Russian word for “reset” printed on it. Problem is, the word printed on it actually means “overload.” Fail.

4. Obama gives $900 million to the Hamas terrorists in Gaza to “rebuild.” Yeah, rewarding terrorists for being terrorists. That is some smart diplomacy.

5. And now it’s been reported he’s open to recognizing the Taliban in Afghanistan. When he was talking tough about Afghanistan during the campaign, this must be what he meant; appeasement.


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