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June 18, 2009

Byron York has been pursuing the story of Gerald Walpin, the inspector general who was threatened to resign, then fired after investigating waste of AmeriCorps funds by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a friend and supporter of Barack Obama. The story has progressed over a week as Walpin responded twice, it became known the FBI is investigating Johnson, Senator Grassley rose to defend Walpin, and the White House lawyer said the firing took political courage.

This is a major abuse of power. The President of the United States, the most powerful man in America, protects a corrupt crony who was wasting US taxpayer dollars by threatening and firing an inspector general, an office set up by Congress specifically to be free from political influence so as to monitor and investigate government waste and corruption. They call that political courage? On top of that, Barack Obama voted for and even co-sponsored a bill to strengthen protections for inspectors general. How hypocritical can one man be? It baffles the mind.

I decided to see how the MSM is covering this explosive story. MSNBC has the AP story posted, ABC News has great coverage on Jake Tapper’s blog Political Punch, and CNN has…..nothing. Seriously. They are doing their best to hide this from the public for Dear Leader.


What Gerald Walpin story? We know nothing about that.